Are you looking for or negotiating a property to buy in Italy?
Do you need contractual and legal assistance in the real estate sector from a German expert in Italy?
Do you have language difficulties and/or are you not familiar with Italian real estate, legal/contractual and fiscal regulations?
We can help you, guarantee absolute security and experience in negotiations to avoid any inconvenience.

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Anja Schuck Legal Translation & Real Estate Assistance is managed by lawyers specializing in legal, business and real estate translation and interpretation to meet the highest requirements in the real estate sector in advanced language services and real estate purchases. In particular, we provide specialized assistance for real estate purchases in Italy by clients from the German-speaking area.
We work daily to facilitate the real estate buying and selling process for German and English-speaking areas who are looking for or buying real estate in Italy by physically assisting clients with language, legal/contractual needs and all other issues encountered in dealing with agencies and vendors, so that the process runs smoothly and safely.
We help them to overcome all the regulatory, legal and cultural differences between these countries and Italy, issues that increasingly generate major complexities in meetings and negotiations.
We continually travel between Italy, Germany and other German- and English-speaking countries to contribute to the success of our clients, while also offering them ongoing assistance solutions.

What do we offer in concrete terms?

- Professional consulting in legal/contractual, fiscal and cadastral (land register) matters in the real estate sector

- Assistance in the search for properties in Italy

- Strategic consulting (what steps should be taken to achieve the desired results)

- Accompaniment and operational presence during the negotiation and purchase phases

- Accompaniment in relations with organizations and companies, service companies and institutions

- Translations and interpreting of legal acts