Do you think your product or service can be successful in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

Do you want to develop new business, professional and social relationships with these countries?

Do you have language difficulties and/or do not know their legal / contractual and tax regulations?

Legal Translation & Interpretation is managed by lawyers specializing in legal and business translations and operational assistance to meet internationalization needs by offering companies advanced language services to cooperate with other companies, authorities and legal/notary offices abroad.

Every day we work on facilitating internationalization processes in the German-speaking areas by physically assisting companies in the linguistic and legal/contractual needs they face in relations with new foreign partners.

We help you overcome all the legal, and cultural differences between these countries and Italy, problems that increasingly generate significant complexity during meetings and negotiations.

We travel continuously between Italy, Germany and other German-speaking countries to contribute to the successes of our customers, also offering them continuous assistance and solutions.

What do we offer specifically?

- Accompaniment and operational presence

- Professional (also continuous) consultancy in the legal/contractual and tax field

- Strategic consulting (what steps should be taken to achieve the desired results)

- Facilitation and assistance in relations with foreign authorities

- Translations and interpreting in every field

- Facilitation and assistance in institutional and social relations